Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Remembering Things

I am very forgetful. Take pictures, edit them, Flickr them, blog them - it is less of a surprise when I forget these, much more surprising when I actually remember! Yesterday is a good example: I remembered the first three but fell at the last (blog-shaped) hurdle.

Here's the forgotten 365 pic, full of exciting new things:
I had a nice little session going through my piles of sketches, testing out some ideas. They need a bit of reworking (different colours or detailing) but I'm generally quite happy with them for some first attempts. The little tree came directly out of my sewing session, as I liked the look of the leafy branch so much that I couldn't resist trying a whole little tree. Here's a better picture of it:
Then last night it was back to making batches, of moustaches this time. I do love my moustaches (they just come to life when people try them on) but gosh they are made with such dull colours. I do love a nice bit of rainbow colour therapy when I'm sewing (pink! turquoise! orange! green! etc) and brown, grey and beige just aren't in the same league. Great telly to watch while sewing though - BBC3 are repeating the whole of this season of Doctor Who! Excellent nerdish treats.


Aglaya said...

What a creative person you are. I'm always amazed by things you charm out of the felt.

Joy said...

I'm in awe of how you can turn a piece of felt into a beautiful craft! Everything I've seen here is lovely. Great work and great blogging!

Unknown said...

I really like the trees - a lot a lot.

Anonymous said...

I love the leafy tree.
Maybe you should make a few multicoloured mustaches? Like for the people with dyed hair, bright pink would be cool!

Erica said...

I love the tree and am insanely jealous of your Dr Who Box set. I've been Netflix-ing them and dropping several obvious hints for this upcoming Holiday Season... but we'll see :) Lovely work as always!