Monday, 7 July 2008

Making Things Grow

Last night's crafting is mostly a secret cos I made my secret swap item - very late, as the swap was supposed to happen at the end of June! Oops. I am a very bad swapper, but hopefully my secret swap partner will forgive me...

I also cut out a few bits and pieces ready for sewing them today, including pieces to make Bluetits:
In other news, I have been getting seriously overexcited today having spotted my very first courgette growing out on the balcony:
The whole balcony is looking pretty lush at the moment, it's rather pleasing, and I've even managed to grow some more lupins which was a total surprise. I tried to grow some from seed last year, but next door's cat sat on the seedlings and killed them all (I have never seen a cat look so smug). I re-used the soil to plant up spring bulbs and was very pleasantly surprised to see the lupins doing their best to grow again!


Anonymous said...

I feel your cat-gardening pain... we used to grow monster basil plants (they had trunks not stems) in the bay window, but our cat likes to pee in plant pots.

My poor mother carefully grew a large tub full of various lettuces, only to find a permanent cat-bum print in the centre of the pot (she is experimenting with interspersing chili plants in order to encourage them to sleep elsewehere)!

maria said...

Hi, I have just found your blog.
I love your stuff, fabulous colours.
Your plants look lovely. If it hadn't ruined the seedlings the picture of the cat would be really cute.
I'm new to blogging and it is great to find out that there are loads of other people out there who love to sew too. Most people I know (except my small sewing group) are not interested at all and I'm sure they think I'm mad!

Unknown said...

I am quite jealous of your courgette ... it has been so wet, hot and humid here my vegetable patch seems to be growing nothing but weeds ... green weeds ... but weeds all the same.