Wednesday 28 May 2008

Gifts Galore!

Yesterday one of the women at work gave me the sweetest gift - a copy of Spare Room Start Up - as a thankyou for the chats we've been having about running a business, finding ways to be creative in amongst your "real life" and other stuff like that. I don't know that I necessarily said anything in particular that was helpful, but I do know how great it is to have people to discuss these things with. My crafting 365 group and other crafty corners of Flickr are great for that, and the UK crowd over on Etsy are always fantastically supportive and ready with advice, suggestions and sympathy. If nothing else, it saves my boyfriend from having to hear about all this stuff all day everyday - for which I feel sure he is truly thankful!

Anyway: my crafty task yesterday? Sneakily finishing this:
It's a prototype cafetiere cosy (or French Press cozy as I've discovered the Americans call such things), which I've been working on for a while in secret as a surprise for my boyfriend's birthday. It's only a prototype because for the final version I wanted him to be able to choose the fabric he wanted (instead of suffering my taste in whimsical japanese prints everytime he makes coffee!) and to test if one thickness of felted sweater was enough to keep his coffee sufficiently toasty (it isn't quite: two layers next time!). Another of his presents was a mini cafetiere so I guess a mini cosy will be getting made at some point as well...

(I thought about writing up a free tutorial for making your own coffee cosy cos it was a rather fun little crafty project. Would anyone be interested in such a thing?)

Oh, and a third "gift" to finish today's post - a birthday gift to myself that came in the post this morning. I've mentioned this teatowel before but I wanted to show you the natty label and lovely thankyou: fantastic stuff.


Zylo said...

I would love a tutorial. If I ever got around to it, I think a snazzy coat for my french press would be lovely. As of now, I just cover it with a ratty dish towel.