Sunday 25 May 2008

365 / 260 - Flowers in my Hair

I'm all about draping myself in felt this week. Last night's felty task? Making my very first batch of hairbands:
Those flowers had been kept back (almost finished) from my big batches of brooch making last month... they were supposed to be sewn onto felt cuffs but I didn't get round to it and my enthusiasm for making hairbands took precedence!

I think I spent more time traipsing round town trying to find the right sort of hair elastics to use than I did in actually sewing them together but it did feel like I spent my whole day on these and it was most satisfying when I tried the first one on:
Again, I'm not the most glamorous of models (look at that smirk! haha) but you get the idea! They are so pretty, I want to keep them all for myself and I'm already working on a few more... Hopefully the light will be better for photos tomorrow (so overcast today) but I've managed to list a couple already over on Etsy. I'm interested to see whether the listing with the flower close up gets many more views than the one with my mugshot...


Rusulica said...

they are beautiful!
and, i vote for the close-ups! :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a nice happy blog. Thanks for brightening up my day!

Aglaya said...

Oh I love them! They're too cute :)

And it surely is a nice happy blog. Love it!