Friday, 2 October 2009

Pick Your Own

Back in my shop after a long absence - custom packs of felt squares, so you can pick your own selection from the 60 available colours.I'm really pleased to have these back in my shop, and especially delighted that my boyfriend has offered to add "custom felt colour picker" to his role as "postal assistant." He's even (willingly!) sacrificed one of his bookcases to the felt cause:Mmm... so much lovely colour!

The custom selections are currently only available through my Etsy shop but if you want to purchase through another venue or direct from me, just get in touch :)


Tumus said...

I am thoroughly jealous of your pastel felt collection lol.

Laura said...

Just what I was wanting! Found some crafts that I need a Christmas pack for, only I have red already so now I can swap in another colour!

Anonymous said...

Weren't you tempted to write a "...and dear reader I married him..." Lol. x

Emma said...

This is awesome! I was actually planning on emailing you because I wanted the purple pack, but I also needed just a couple of sheets of brown colours too to match my room (I'm planning on having a go at making a felt garland!), but now I can just pick my colours this way :-) I will be placing an order at the end of this month for sure!

Hello Everyone!!! said...

Gorgeous colors


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