Saturday 10 September 2022

Queen Elizabeth II, Free Embroidery Pattern

Queen Elizabeth II commemorative embroidery pattern by Laura Lupin Howard

Like so many people I've been deeply saddened by the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

I wanted to sew a little something to commemorate her long life and reign... and this has turned into three creative projects in progress!

I'm sharing this embroidery pattern today, then sometime soon I'll post step by step tutorials for a couple of felt projects. Watch this space xxx

CLICK HERE to find the printable PDF pattern over on my Patreon.

All the projects in this series will be free and remain so, but if you'd like to support my work you can sign up to become a Patron, buy me a coffee, or visit my shop. If you'd prefer to make a donation to a charity in memory of the Queen that would also be lovely!