Saturday 5 December 2020

Bargain Imperfect 3 inch Embroidery Hoops

I've mostly sold out of embroidery hoops at the moment (you guys are clearly planning lots of stitchy projects!) but I've just added some bargain batches of little 3 inch embroidery hoops to my shop.



I check all the wooden hoops I sell very carefully and any I'm not 100% happy with (because of marks or other small flaws) get set aside... and now I'm selling off some batches of the imperfect hoops at a bargain price!

These embroidery hoops might not be perfect but they're still nice little hoops and would be great for making Christmas ornaments or for other small projects. 

Click here to find them in my shop, and here to browse all the other stuff that's new - I've added lots of crafty supplies and vintage finds and other fun stuff recently!