Monday 8 June 2020

Sample Sale: Lots of Felt Flowers!

I stitched a LOT of samples for my new 40-page Flexible Flowers sewing pattern...
... there were just so many different project variations I wanted to include (that's not even all of them, either!).

I always hold onto my project samples until a new pattern is launched and I'm 100% happy with all the photos I've taken. Sometimes I feel a bit sad about not keeping them all, but I'd rapidly run out of space if I did that! (My flat is already overrrun with felt as it is, haha).

Soooo now the Flexible Flowers pattern is finished and in my shops, it's time to find new homes for all of this felt floral goodness. Click here to visit my sample sale and see what's available!

(Please note that my shop is currently set up just to accept orders from within the UK, but if you live elsewhere and are happy to wait for your parcel through any COVID-19-related delays please do get in touch).