Sunday 31 May 2020

Flexible Felt Flowers Sewing Pattern

I've added a new printable PDF pattern to my shops this weekend: an easy flower pattern you can use to make LOADS of different floral projects!

I've called this pattern "Flexible Flowers" because there are just so many different possible variations to choose from. I think of the basic design as a seed you can use to sew a whole garden of felt loveliness.

I've used this pattern to make and sell hundreds if not thousands of felt flowers over the years - and now you can, too! When you buy any patterns from my shops you have my permission to use them to make handmade things to sell at craft fairs or online.

The Flexible Flowers PDF is a massive 40 pages long and includes the basic flower tutorial, lots of suggestions for different ways to embellish and use the flowers, plus full-size templates. There are clear step-by-step instructions, lots of photos, and plenty of tips for getting your flowers looking their best.

I've sewn so many flowers with this pattern over the years I really struggled choosing which photos to use for this post!

You can make simple but deliciously chunky flowers from thick wool felt and recycled jumpers...
... super pretty double-layered flowers...

 ...  and flowers topped with a fun felt button (these flowers were always particularly popular!).
The PDF guides you through sewing all of these plus how to embellish the flowers with sequins, embroidered butterflies, buttons, and more.

The pattern includes instructions for making felt flower brooches, of course, but also hairclips and headbands.

I've also included templates and instructions for sewing larger flower headbands...

... flower necklaces...

... and a floral cocktail hat!

Click here to buy my Flexible Flowers pattern from my Etsy shop (the file will be available to download immediately after purchase). If you're based in the UK you can also buy it from my new shop (I'll email you the file within 24 hours).

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