Friday 22 May 2020

100 Days of Studio Scenes: Days 1-10

The basic idea of the 100 Day Project is very simple: you choose a creative action and you do it once a day for 100 days.

I've attempted it a few times now and each time I've been overambitious and not taken into account how overcommitted I already was... and I've not lasted very long as a result! 

This year I'm keeping things nice and simple with #100daysofstudioscenes, a daily, honest behind-the-scenes update from my home studio. Works in progress, craft supplies, peeks at my workspace, plus the ups and downs and messes of running a creative business during these weird times. 

I've been skipping a day here and there but am over 30 days into the project now and I'm loving how it's turning into a little diary of the day-to-day running of my business. I'm going to collate them into posts here on my blog in blocks of 10, so those of you without Instagram can follow along and so I'll have a nice record of the project to look back on.


"At the moment I'm keeping the pressure off myself by working on lots of projects simultaneously, picking up whatever I feel like working on, avoiding setting myself targets, just gradually nudging everything forward bit by bit. Most mornings, if the light is good, (which it has been a lot lately, hurrah!), I take a little batch of photos. 

This is what I had lined up ready to photograph this morning: lots of in-progress projects for my blog, newsletter, and shop, waiting to be photographed so I can then sew the next step... ready for more photos tomorrow!"


"Yesterday I took photos then stitched loads of stuff ready to take more photos today... and today I have taken no photos. What I have done is sit on the spare bed in my PJs working at my laptop all day (working in timed blocks with short breaks to do some of my lovely new jigsaw puzzle) (I call this variation on the Pomodoro Technique the Puzzle Technique, I find it both relaxing and motivating!!) 

I've scheduled FOUR blog posts (not from scratch, mind) and edited a whole bunch of photos, including some for my next newsletter freebie: a tutorial for sewing cute felt teacup and teapot brooches 

I'm so pleased with how these snaps turned out, they show the project off really nicely and I hope they'll tempt lots of people into signing up for my newsletter I'd hoped to be posting this pic saying "I just sent out this tutorial to my subscribers! Yay!" but, alas, I'm not quite there yet. That's top of the To Do list for tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought you might like to see how this photo looked before I edited it (swipe to see an unedited pic from the same batch), I don't have any fancy editing software but it usually does the job."


"I'm having a day off! I often end up doing a bit of work even on my days off but today I am trying to be very strict with myself (I'll let you know tomorrow whether or not I succeed!) My main creative project today = finally sorting out some happy snail mail to send to my pals"


"Some proper messy realness for you today! I'm mostly working in the spare room at the moment, in part so I can close the door on all this chaos at the end of the day. Please note that there's stuff on the floor as well as the spare bed, I've got a pile of laundry in here too (top left) and in my commitment to showing you the unvarnished truth I haven't even moved that snotty tissue out of shot, haha."


"I'm having trouble balancing self care and self-employment at the moment - maybe you guys are, too? Today I've thought a lot about all the work I could and "should" be doing right now (like finishing up this new pattern, destined for my newsletter subscribers) but instead of doing any of them I've mostly just sat about feeling stressed and overwhelmed and guilty about not getting anything done. 

I also baked a cake though (delicious!) and went for a walk (sunny!) and that's not nothing. Fingers crossed for more productivity (and cake, and sunshine) tomorrow."


"After a couple of days of feeling very unmotivated, yesterday I got LOADS of work done. Hurrah! I finished the teacup & teapot brooch tutorial, sent it out to my newsletter subscribers, and got all of this lot prepped for their next set of step photos. It's too gloomy today for taking decent pics but the moment the sunshine comes back I'll be ready for it."


"I'm putting together some paper crafting packs!. I started assembling them yesterday from a whole bunch of lovely vintage books, maps, and other paper-y bits and bobs (see my paper pack highlight for a sneak peek of the contents!) I'm also adding a few fun extras like colourful yarns for making gift tags, and vintage buttons. Each pack will be £5 + postage (UK only at the moment, sorry, as I can't get to the Post Office), let me know if you'd like me to message you when they're available!"



"Yesterday I decided that my paper crafting packs needed a few vintage buttons... luckily I had a small selection to choose from, haha!

I bought this massive stash of button-y goodness last month, back when the idea of lockdown was just a faint possibility. It feels like a lifetime ago now. I really enjoyed finally having a rummage through these, I think vintage button packs might be coming soon. WATCH THIS SPACE."


"Aaaand the paper packs are go! Each pack contains a different assortment of pages and clippings from vintage books, plus a vintage Cluedo card, two reproduction trading cards featuring trains, 10 vintage stamps, some yarn, and 3 buttons (see my paper packs highlight for a closer look at the contents). Each pack is £5 each, 2nd class UK postage for 1-2 packs is £1.40, and there are just 11 packs left! Message me if you'd like to make a purchase, let me know your email and the quantity you'd like and I'll send you an invoice via PayPal asap. First come first served!

In other excellent news: I've found a local postbox where I can send bigger parcels, so if there's anything listed at @lauralupinsells you're interested in, too, let me know and I'll send everything together. P.S. I can also post to countries in the EU, just ask and I'll give you a quote for the postage."


"Thank you so much for your amazing response to the paper packs, you guys! I love them and am thrilled you're excited about them, too, and I can't even begin to tell you how nice it feels packing up and posting parcels again!!

It's also a huge relief having a bit of extra money coming in during this stressful time xxx

(I took this photo this morning but spent yesterday sorting out paper pack orders and parcelling them up so I'm counting this as yesterday's #100daysofstudioscenes pic)."

More updates soon, or you can follow along on Instagram HERE.