Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Christmas Crafting: Felt Gingerbread Houses Tutorial

I love Christmas crafts!

I've shared lots of free festive tutorials here on my blog over the years (click here to visit my tutorial archive and see them all) and I'm always itching to start sewing Christmas-themed things as soon as autumn rolls round.

I'm sure there are some of you who will be frowning slightly at this - "surely it's too early to be thinking about Christmas?", you mutter to yourself - but as every crafter knows there's never enough hours in the day to work on your creative projects... and the festive season will be here before you know it!

Sooo... I'm sharing this idea for making a felt gingerbread house nice and early, so those of you who like to start your Christmas crafting early can get stitching, and anyone who prefers to wait until December to think about "the C word" can bookmark the page and come back to it when they're ready :)

 felt gingerbread house

This project is a Christmas version of the felt houses tutorial I shared a couple of years ago.

felt houses

When I first stitched these little felt houses I thought to myself "ooh, these would make such cute gingerbread houses"... and I was totally right!

felt gingerbread house

To make a felt gingerbread house or two (or even a whole village of little felt houses), use the patterns and instructions in the felt houses tutorial but stick to a gingerbread-themed colour palette: ginger/brown felt for the house itself and white felt for the roof, door, windows and other details.

I used red sequins and embroidery thread to embellish my house, and joined the whole thing together with blanket stitch and white embroidery thread.

Your finished house(s) would look great propped up on a bookshelf or a mantlepiece, or you could add a loop of ribbon to turn each house into a Christmas ornament - perfect for hanging on large trees or from a hook or a door knob.

felt gingerbread house
felt gingerbread house

Click here to view the step by step tutorial and the free templates for making all the felt houses.

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felt gingerbread houses tutorial


Etxaurren said...

It's never too early to start with Christmas projects. The house is lovely. Thank you.

Teresa @ Aurea's Kitchen said...

Every year I make my 3 years old a felt ornament for the christmas tree, so I think I've found this year ornament.


Kay said...

This is adorable. Thank you. x

Jenny said...

Thank you for the lovely new pattern. I echo what your first two commenters have said, it's never too early to start christmas (felt) crafting and I too send a new tree decoration to the g/children every year. Often I blanket stitch a 'pocket' into the back of the decoration and pop in a chocolate. one year I made penguins and another, santas and snowmen so these had an ALDI choccy penguin, santa or snowman in the back. Looking forward to starting your houses next week - when I've finished the big red felt christmas stocking I'm personalising for new g/child - I've started xmas already!!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! :)

Etxaurren - thank you! I hope you'll enjoy seeing the other makes I've got planned...

Teresa - what a lovely thing to do each year! Have fun stitching the house :)

Kay - Thanks! xx

Jenny - this is such a nice thing to do for your grandchildren! I know I treasure the things my grandmother made for me when I was little. Best of luck with all your Christmas sewing :)

Jenny said...

I help manage a community craft shop/cafe on Anglesey where local crafters sell on commission and profits go to the disabled and vulnerable on the island. I took some of my felt tree decs to sell in August, as tourists sometimes buy them as a memento of their holiday. Last week, I did a shift and 2 guys came in for breakfast and said they were 'filming locally'. I just vaguely assumed they were TV crew, but when they'd gone, my fellow volunteer said they are quite famous actors from TV soaps. They bought 12 of my felt decs, and one said his girlfriend would love them! I'd had a rough week with family illness, so that was quite a pick-me-up! See, it's never too early for xmas crafting!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Ah, what a fab story, Jenny! :)