Wednesday 1 August 2018

Summer at Kew: Rock Gardens, Peacocks & Climbing Roses

Kew has a lot of famous attractions - like the glasshouses - which are the absolute "must sees" when visiting the gardens. During my year of membership, I visited these a lot but also fell in love with some of the quieter corners of the grounds.

One of my favourite areas at Kew is the rock garden. It's huge, and includes several waterfalls!

The rock garden is arranged in six geographical areas and contains a huge variety of different plants from all over the world. These aren't big, showy, spectacular plants but they're still lovely and the cumulative effect of them all in this large rock garden? Wonderful!

Having a year's membership to Kew (which is surprisingly affordable, especially given the price of a day ticket!) gave me time to fully explore the gardens, of course, but the real treat was coming back at different points during the year and seeing how much things had changed. Look at how bare the rock garden looked back in January!

Near the rock garden in the early summer there's a walkway covered in climbing roses (super pretty)...


... and down by the Palm House pond you'll find these awesome plants with umbrella-sized leaves (this picture does a terrible job of showing just how big these leaves were but trust me when I say they were huge!).

I really enjoyed my summer strolls round the gardens...


... especially round the lake, which was looking lush...

... and it's always a joy spotting some of Kew's peacocks!


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bairozan said...

The climbing roses are something I would definitely like in my garden if I had one :) It's such a treat to be able to take a quiet stroll in such a beautiful place!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Oh gosh yes, climbing roses are so lovely! I don't have a garden of my own so any time I get to spend in green space outdoors is so welcome :)