Friday 3 March 2017

February in Pictures: Beach Walks, Lunchtime Reading, and a Cosy Blanket

February might be the shortest month, but I squeezed a lot into it... including a mini photoshoot where Jo and I modelled my rainbow blanket as if it was a trendy blanket scarf, getting lots of funny looks from passers by in the process.

My DIY projects continue to keep me busy, and to make working from home a little chaotic as I'm surrounded by boxes at all times!

I decided to start blogging about the progress of my new flat (click here to read the first post) and was delighted with the positive feedback from everyone. Doing up this place is definitely going to be a marathon not a sprint so all cheerleading is very much appreciated (please ignore the mixed sports metaphors there). 

Most of the time it's not too bad juggling DIY and everything else, but sometimes it can be a bit frustrating. I had a bit of a pity party at the start of the month, feeling sorry for myself because I couldn't join in with an Instagram photo challenge because my home is such a mess and everything nice I own is packed up in boxes. I mean, talk about a first world problem, right?

After I snapped out of it I decided to have some fun and put together a DIY equipment flatlay - proving you don't need a beautiful space or lots of fancy stuff to get creative!


I love that photo and I also rather adore this snap of map-like paint layers uncovered while redecorating in the living room:

Here on my blog in February I shared three posts (one, two and three) filled with photos from a photowalk I went on last year. This photo isn't the best picture but it never fails to make me laugh - so many warning signs!

I also shared three fun felt fruit tutorials (apple and orange slices, strawberries and watermelon slices)...


... a free embroidery pattern to remind you to Never Stop Learning...


... and I blogged about the second wreath tutorial I've designed for The Village Haberdashery's blog. Unsurprisingly, February's wreath was Valentine's themed but as someone helpfully pointed out this wreath would also be great for Mother's Day. I think it would also be lovely for weddings or anniversary parties. You could also use the templates and tutorial to make embroidered felt hearts, which would make fab brooches or ornaments. 

By the way, how gorgeous are these industrial-look shelves in The Village Haberdashery's new shop?  I took so many photos when I visited to deliver the Valentine's wreath. Fabric heaven!

In the middle of the month I spent a freezing day in Bristol with some friends, peeling my gloves off to take a couple of quick photos then hastily putting them back on again. (It snowed. I had to go to Primark to buy a pair of fleece-lined leggings to wear over my tights. Brr!).

I continued to try to read more books, squeezing in some lunchtime reading and blogging about the books I read in January.


(You'll have to wait until the next "read more books" blog post to find out what I thought about The Miniaturist!)

I fell totally in love with my new bedlinen (bought from John Lewis in their January sale), which looks so great with my hand knitted rainbow blanket. This photo is pretty much a mood board for my home decorating plans: lots of white and clean lines but as a backdrop for all the colours. It's going to be a long while until my flat gets to the decorating stage but in the meantime a girl can a) dream and b) make Pinterest boards.

I also took so many walks on the beach in February and took so many photos along the way that I've started a new Instagram account for sharing all my pics. I'm loving exploring my new hometown, and it's proving rather fun having an Instagram account with a totally different vibe to my main one. Instead of craft and bright colours it's all beach views and soft greys and blues.


I might have started a second Instagram account but I've also been trying to enjoy analogue, offline pleasures as well. I've been doing some stitching (of course)...


... buying some lovely new stamps for my letters...


... and borrowing way more books from the library than I'm ever going to be able to read before they're due back (even with the magic of online renewals!).


I do love the internet, but it's wonderful to switch off the screens and spend some time with pens and paper and fabric and thread.

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Sue Hayton said...

Always loved that 60s/70s building in Bristol! Great to see how your new life is progressing on the coast - jealous that you are by the sea! Roll on the better weather!

Ariadne said...

That was a great month! I think your linen could be stitched!A crossword or little pictures!AriadnefromGreece!

Amara said...

I wish I had bought beach side property years ago. Anything by the shore now in the US. is prohibitively expensive. Enjoy!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Sue - Gosh yes I cannot wait until the warmer weather shows up! Seafront walks are still nice in the winter but rather chilly :)

Ariadne - Stitched bedlinen would be very cute!

Amara - Property prices have gone up so much in recent years, haven't they? Crazy times.