Wednesday 20 April 2016

A Trip to Seville: The Mushrooms

A couple of years ago, I took a short trip to Seville with my mum. I'd never been to Spain before and was enchanted by the beauty and character of the old city. I took loads of photos during our trip and then (as they so often do) they just sat in my hard drive gathering virtual dust.

This Christmas I finally got my photos edited so I could make a photo book of our trip for my mum - it was a surprise gift and a big hit! And now I am finally getting around to blogging about my trip. I hope you guys will enjoy the photos, and maybe they'll inspire you to take a trip of your own to Seville?

First up, one of the newest additions to the Seville skyline: Metropol Parasol, know locally as "las setas" (the mushrooms).

The mushrooms are a modern, wooden structure built in what used to be a car park but is now a public square. In the basement you can visit some Roman ruins (which were discovered when the city first decided to redevelop the car park) and up the top you'll find a restaurant.

The main attraction though is the walking route all around the top of the structure, from which you get some fabulous views out over the city.


Brash, modern designs like this are not everyone's cup of tea - especially in such a historic setting - but I rather love the quirky, organic shape of the mushrooms and the contrast between old and new.

I also love going up high and getting an overview of a new-to-me place and Seville was looking really gorgeous in the sunshine!

Slightly different to my usual Nice Days Out, huh?

I'll share some more photos from our trip sometime soon :)


Polly said...

Ahhh this is amazing! And it really does look like some kind of giant fungi. The juxtaposition with the older buildings is really interesting. Seville looks beautiful, I like the white buildings with the vibrant orange-y red roofs

Bugs and Fishes said...

It is SUCH a beautiful city! :)