Sunday 27 July 2014

Fun With Yarn

So far, this weekend's craftiness has been all about yarn!

My main crafty task has been catching up on my sky pompom making:

I'm supposed to be making a pompom a day to record the sky, but actually what's been happening is that I write down my sky colours for the day and then make a big batch of pompoms all at once. This lot are almost finished - they just need trimming to be nice and neat (like these pompoms I made for June) and labelling with their dates.

With all the amazing hot weather we've been having lately, it's not surprising to see that I've used lots of bright blue this month!

Yesterday I also finished sewing in the yarn ends on the patchwork blanket pieces I blogged about last weekend...

... and I've been knitting some more blanket squares. I finished the turquoise blue yarn and have just started the lilac which is proving a pleasure to knit with. The large squares will be added to this blanket, then the leftover yarn will be knitted into more mini moss stitch squares for my patchwork blanket.

My knitting got abandoned mid-row last night because of our cats was very loudly demanding some bedtime cuddles. Knitting is all very well and good, but kitty cuddles = always more important.

P.S. I just bought my tickets for the Festival of Quilts! Yay! I decided to treat myself to two days at the Festival this year (Friday & Saturday) because there's always so much to see. Can't wait. 


Unknown said...

I'm thinking about doing a the same thing with pom poms but as mood rug!

Balisha said...

I just ordered your book "Super Cute Felt" I love these simple little crafts that don't take much time. I have a basket sitting by my chair and I can do them while I watch TV in the evening.
Thanks for so much inspiration...Balisha

Bugs and Fishes said...

Michelle - ooh, a mood rug sounds fab!

Balisha - yay! I hope you'll enjoy sewing things from the book :)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous range of colours for those poms, I wonder if sunsets could be used for one? Like those gorgeous pinky-orange evenings...loving the squares, too! Chrissie x

Bugs and Fishes said...

Oooh, you could make something lovely based on evening colours - dusky skies and colourful sunsets. Yum.

As the weather can be so changeable, I'm picking my sky colours from how it looks at midday (or as close to it as I can remember to look!).