Friday 7 February 2014

An Afternoon Off

Yesterday I was feeling a little tired so I squeezed all my "must do" work tasks into the morning and then took the afternoon off.

I'd been planning on having a relaxing, crafty afternoon - maybe working on some new designs, maybe reading some craft books, maybe working on some personal projects - but somehow it turned into an afternoon of Nice Day Out planning and kitty cuddles!

If these pictures had sound there would be lots of loud purring and an occasional sharp-toned "miaow!" demanding more strokes because I had dared to pay attention to my book for a few minutes instead of him.


Not a bad way to spend an afternoon :)


Manu said...

cats are the best! =^_^=

Unknown said...

I think your cat is a twin of mine! Got a bit confused while scrolling down bloglovin'! x

Charlotte said...

puny human! How *dare* you ignore me for a moment!

GreenHearted said...

Damn you, Lupin! (Just kidding.) But I'm trying to find some craft instructions for making lupins (the flowers) and all I'm getting is your wonderful blog!

If you've ever "crafted" some lupins, would you kindly let me know? I'm at


PaulineG said...

Love your pussy cat! Also reading your blog posts - thank you very much!


Bugs and Fishes said...

Manu - they really are :)

Rosie Louise - hurrah for kitty twins!

Charlotte - Exactly. He is very clear on the fact that he is the boss and gets very annoyed with me when I don't immediately do as he commands.

GreenHearted - Sorry! :) I'm afraid that I've never made any lupin-themed crafts.

Pauline - no problem, I'm glad you're enjoying the blog :)