Thursday 7 November 2013

Mollie Makes: Woodland Friends - out today!

There's a lovely new craft book out today... Mollie Makes: Woodland Friends!

It's the follow up to Mollie Makes: Feathered Friends which was published earlier this year. Feathered Friends was full of bird-themed craft projects, and Woodland Friends is full of (yes, you guessed it) lots of projects featuring woodland animals plus acorns, toadstools, oak leaves, etc.

There are lots of very cute projects and a wide mix of different crafts to try. You can knit a fox draught excluder, sew a badger cushion, cross-stitch a squirrel hand warmer, make a silver leaf garland, crochet some woodland animal finger puppets... and more!


I've been really looking forward to this book coming out because it includes a project designed by me! It's always so exciting seeing a finished book that you've contributed a project to, and so much fun seeing who else has worked on it and what they've made.

Those of you with amazing memories might remember me blogging back in January about how it can be a bit nervewracking doing rough sketches and submitting them to editors... well, those rough sketches turned into this project: Felt Applique Napkin Ring Portraits.

There's an owl, a raccoon, a fox and a bear. It took me a while to get that little raccoon looking just right but now I think he's my favourite of the set! 

I love the little woodland motifs used in the design of this book - that acorn, and the little leaves for the page numbers. The end papers even have a woodgrain design:

Mollie Makes: Woodland Friends is published by Collins & Brown, RRP £11.99. The US edition will be out soon!

P.S. The lovely folks at Collins & Brown have a copy of Mollie Makes: Woodland Friends for me to give away to one of my UK readers. Check back tomorrow for the giveaway post!

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Jessica said...

Love the look of your napkin rings - such a beautiful book. Sadly I won't be about tomorrow to enter the giveaway so looks like I'll have to add it to my Amazon list instead!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks Jessica! Don't worry if you're not around tomorrow, the giveaway will be open for a week :)

Miss Maple said...

Your woodland friends are looking so very cute. I can't decide which one could be my favourite. But maybe it's the little bear. It has a heart-warming smile in its face.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thank you, Miss Maple! I'm so glad you like them x