Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer + Blankets = Not a Good Combination

After blogging about all the different projects I've got "in progress" at the moment, I thought I should try and actually get some of them finished... starting with my sky blankets!

I finished sewing together all the squares of my square-for-almost-every-day-of-last-year sky blanket. Then I arranged all the squares-knitted-from-leftover-sky-blanket-yarn and stitched them together to make another blanket.

And then I made a start on weaving in all those yarn ends and realised that this hot weather is really no time to be sitting crafting with a blanket on my lap! I am melting enough in the heat as it is!

So, these blankets are a bit closer to being finished, but on pause for the moment until the temperature drops again. I'm sure I can find some more summer-friendly projects to be getting on with in the meantime...


diane said...

That is going to be one wonderful blanket.
Loving the colors!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks! I love these colours together too :)