Sunday 4 March 2012

Rosettes for Champion Tea Drinkers

Drinking tea isn't a sport, but if it was I think us Brits would be quite good at it! I definitely know a few people who'd be good candidates for an Olympic tea-drinking team.

My new brooches are perfect for tea lovers - prize rosettes decorated with cute teapot buttons.

I finished sewing them yesterday, and they're now available over in my shop on Etsy, in blue, pink, brown and purple. I'll be adding them to my shop on Folksy and to my website later today.


Kate said...

These are adorable. What a creative person you are.

Vivid said...

Aww these are brilliant! Drinking tea is what makes the world go round. I hope each are named as different kinds of tea :D
Good luck!

homemade@myplace said...

The rosettes are so cute! I love them as I love tea, too!
xx Alessandra

rybs said...

Woooow it so damn cute, love it :D

Nosnin said...

Those look awesome! Very very nice!

Kelly.D (shellybeana) said...

These are lovely! I usually work with fabric but have been having fun with felt and your blog is really inspiring! x

Séverine D said...

These are really wonderfull, I love the idea! All your blog is a wondering source of inpiration for my, when I have some bad moment, the coloris bring me up! But for the good moment, I come too! Best regards

Séverine from France

Bugs and Fishes said...

I'm thrilled with the response to these, thanks so much for all your comments xx

Severine - I'm so glad to hear my blog has been giving you some inspiration! Colour = wonderful stuff :)