Monday 1 August 2011

Big Rainbows and Small Birds

The weather may be gloomy today, but my flat is full of colour as I've been sorting out lots of rainbows of felt squares...

Want a giant rainbow of your own? They're available HERE.

As well as taking slightly blurry snaps of delicious felt rainbows, I've been taking a few new product pics as there's a brand new item over in the craft supplies section of my website:

Stork embroidery scissors! Hurrah!

Small embroidery scissors are super practical for snipping threads and cutting out small or intricate felt shapes... and the classic bird-shaped design is pretty darn cute.

P.S. rather excitingly, copies of my book Super-Cute Felt are now in stock on Amazon UK several weeks early (the first copies shipped last week!) If you're after a signed copy, please keep your eye on the blog as I'll be sure to announce when they're available in my shops :)