Monday 29 November 2010

How To: Giant Button Brooch

Need a quick and easy gift idea this Christmas? Try making button brooches!

These brooches would make great gifts for your crafty friends, or cute stocking stuffers for older children. You could also use them as gift toppers for larger presents.

You will need:
- a very large button (I used 5cm/2inch plastic ones)
- felt matching the button colour
- matching sewing thread
- matching embroidery thread
- a brooch clasp or safety pin
- paper, a pencil, some scissors
- a sewing needle, a large needle (to sew the embroidery thread) and sewing scissors

1) Draw round your button with a pencil. Cut it out, and trim a few mms around the edge so you end up with a circle slightly smaller than your button. Use this as a template to cut out three or four circles from the felt (you'll need the extra circle if your felt is thin or not very stiff).

2) Place two of the circles at the back of the button, and sew the button onto them using a large needle and a length of embroidery thread.

3) Sew a brooch clasp or safety pin onto the remaining one or two felt circles. Finally, place the back circles (with the clasp) on top of the front circles (with the button at the bottom) and use matching sewing thread to sew all the felt layers together, whip stitching around the edges.

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kjsutcliffe said...

Hi, I love your oversized buttons. A while ago I made a button brooch, bit different but using your felt. It gets a lot of positive comments, so they are on my \make for crimbo' list!

Ruby Reloved said...

Button brooches are fab! I've made them in the past but i've always glued a circular brooch bar on the back. Your version is much nicer!

Thanks for sharing :) x

Mira said...

great idea!

Three Owls said...

oh Patrick Kelly... how inspiring.