Sunday 28 November 2010

Gift Wrap Idea: Baubles & Bells

Add some serious sparkle to your gifts by using baubles and bells as gift-toppers!

This is a great way to dress up the plainest of parcels and really make them stand out - the baubles in particular add a real wow factor. And of course, and unlike store-bought gift bows these can be used over and over again to decorate gifts or can be re-used in decorating or crafting afterwards.

For the smaller gift I used 2cm silver bells (currently available in my supplies shop!) and lovely red gingham ribbon for a traditional festive feel. For the larger gift I used sparkly white yarn and a selection of bright plastic Christmas baubles bought from a charity shop. The charity shops near us are full of cheap second hand baubles at this time of year. Buy them in mix-and-match colours and a variety of shapes and sizes.

First tie yarn or ribbon round your gift. I used brown kraft paper for mine (I adore brown paper parcels) but you can use any gift wrap that co-ordinates with your chosen baubles or bells.

Next thread three baubles or bells onto the loose ribbon ends (I think trios work perfectly for this but you can use as many as you like) and tie the ends together and knot them underneath the baubles/bells so they're well secured. Then trim any exess yarn/ribbon and sit back and admire your handiwork!


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Gherkin said...

Brown paper packages tied up with string?
These are a few of my favourite things too!
Love the ideas - so cute and so re-usable!