Tuesday 31 August 2010

Designing on Demand

I've been working on some projects for other people this summer, including designing some Christmas ornaments for an upcoming issue of UK sewing mag Sew Hip (Alice, the editor of Sew Hip said some lovely things about my work in this article she wrote for Etsy's blog recently about UK Etsy sellers - it actually made me blush).

I'm really enjoying the challenge of writing tutorials... but it kills me not to be able to tell you what I'm working on or to share my works in progress with you all like I normally do!

Finding things to blog about when I can't blog about what I'm making isn't too much of a problem (there's always something I want to mention), but it's taking me a little while to get used to working to a deadline (being self-employed I normally don't encounter many of those!) and coming up with inspiration on demand.

When I design things for my own shop, or tutorials for the blog I normally have an idea first and then develop it into a finished item suitable for sharing... but when people ask you to design things for them, you have to pull ideas out of nowhere! to a schedule! eek!

I like to think that my brainstorming skills are improving with practice, though, and once my deadlines have passed I'm hoping to do lots of brainstorming for fun tutorials for the blog in the run up to Christmas :)