Monday 26 October 2009

Lupin Loves Abi Loves

I'm very chuffed to be able to show off a lovely new stockist for some of my hairbands - Tokyo-based Abi Loves.
Abi Loves is full of handpicked loveliness for stylish kids and their parents and I'm thrilled to have my designs in amongst them.


Nx said...

How exciting! Well done. That's great news.

a day with doris said...

Hello Laura,
I hope you dont mind, but I have awarded you the 'splash award'. It was kindly given to me and as the rules go ( I am new to all of this) I am to pass it on to those who inspire me. you are one of those wonderful blogs. would you be able to pop by and pick up your award? I think thats how it works.
if its unwanted bumf, I totally understand.

viv said...

Congrats girl, that's awesome!