Thursday 28 May 2009

Putting up prices...

One of the least fun tasks that goes along with selling your work online (and in multiple currencies), is having to keep an eye on the various exchange rates and adjust all your prices when the rate changes. I like to keep my pricing as accurate as possible across all my websites but oh! what a faff!

It was nice being able to put my Etsy prices down this spring with the plummet of the pound against the dollar - making my pieces more of a bargain for my US shoppers. But now the pound is regaining strength and I'm starting to make less money for my work, so they all have to go back up again.

BUT I'm putting this task off until tomorrow, so if you want to shop before the price rise now's your chance! :)

My Etsy shop can be found HERE.

UPDATE: prices have now been updated & I'm off to have a well-earned cup of tea!


LPFish said...

:( prices prices - you are so good at all this Lupin x

Tumus said...

They didn't increase that much :) And you have to look out for yourself you know!

It's a messy business eh? But I know that by buying handmade my money will be well spent.

Dark Fairy said...

Hi Laura,

well done you. I have only just started with etsy, and grabbed the exchange rate as I put on each piece, but I will follow your example for the future, what a good idea.

love n light