Wednesday, 25 March 2009

News from the Supplies Department

I've been meaning to mention this for ages but have been distracted by so many other things... I've added a couple of new products over in my online shop, hurrah!

Adorable needle baskets - printed card in a retro design, full of sewing needles & a needle threader:And a bright and colourful new bundle of felt squares:One square each of violet, golden yellow, turquoise, pink, bright green, orange, magenta, ruby red, teal and deep pink... all tied up with ribbon. Yum yum.
I've also added a felt squares section over in my Etsy shop for those of you who prefer to shop the Etsy way!


Unknown said...

OMG! that needle basket reminds me my childhood and grandma's sewing kit! It was the only "needle kit" you could find in communist Czechoslovakia :)

Anonymous said...

I hadn't read your blog for a few days - What a gluttonous treat to read several posts at one sitting! Thank you for posting the link to Modish Biz Tips, and your needle pack and bright felt packs are visual treats....