Sunday 1 December 2013

Let There Be (More) Light

I made a small-but-important addition to my office / studio this week - a new lamp!

Being able to see what I'm stitching when I sit doing some sewing in the evenings (or the dark winter afternoons) = A Very Good Thing.

In other news, I've almost sold out of handmade stuff now - this is all that's left in stock:

There's a poppy headband, a floral necklace, some swan masks, some teapot rosette brooches and some primrose brooches. You can find all these (highly bargainous!) remaining bits and pieces over in my sale section.

After years of making stuff to sell in my online shops it feels very strange to be discontinuing all these things! I am excited about my new plans for my business, but it still feels weird.

It also feels rather odd that it's less than a month until Christmas and my schedule isn't crazily hectic. For the past five years or so the run up to Christmas has been my busy season. Usually by the time December rolls round I am getting a bit worn out, rushing around each day getting parcels packed and posted, turning down invites to Christmas parties because I'll be too busy working... and wondering if I'll have time to send out my Christmas cards / get all my own shopping etc done on time. Ah, the joys of retail.

But at the moment (thanks to winding down the making-stuff-and-posting-it-to-people side of my business) I am not totally exhausted! And I'm finishing work at about 6pm each day! And I'm taking whole days off to do fun things! Amazing :)

UPDATE: My poppy and primrose designs are now available as sewing patterns! Visit my shop to see all my printable PDF patterns