Wednesday 9 April 2008

The best laid plans... (365 days 229 - 233)

Sometimes things just don't work out how you plan them. I did a little too much last week, and rather knackered myself out... so I have had to abandon my "design a day" project (temporarily) until I am awake enough to actually, you know, design stuff!

One of the most wonderful things about this crafting lark is that I can carry on "getting stuff done" even when I am totally exhausted and crashed out on the sofa gazing into space a little gormlessly. I suffer from M.E. (most annoying) so this does happen more often than I would like, and it's always great to be able to make stuff even when I'm otherwise "useless" - not awake enough to write emails, do the washing up, etc etc.

So, thanks to my crafting 365 project instead of just watching lots of videos over the past few days I watched lots of videos and also...

... cut up a couple of vintage books (bought cheap in charity shops) to make thankyou cards for my orders. A book of birds (I love birds so much) and the most darling kids book from 1955 - check out the end paper with all the animals reading their bedtime stories. The owl is particularly awesome:
... appliqued a big batch of poppy shapes to their black backgrounds ready for making poppy brooches:... dug out some yummy vintage snap fasteners from my stash ready for a new (currently top secret) design:
... and then yesterday, after the courier showed up with my delivery of felt (all 60 colours back in stock! hurrah!), I started to make up lots of bundles of mini squares, cutting them out and wrapping them in tissue paper so they can be stored neatly until posting time:
Every time I make up a big batch of those I worry that no-one will buy them and I'll be stuck with all these parcels of felt, but I rather like felt so I wouldn't really be that upset... and it's such fantastic colour therapy making all those little rainbows.

In other news: thanks to lovely Curiosity, my pink poppy pin made an appearance on the Etsy front page at the weekend, amongst lots of UK Etsy lovelies. It snowed that weekend, but spring had sprung on Etsy at least!

UPDATE: My poppy design is now available as a sewing pattern! Visit my shop to see all my printable PDF patterns


Curiosity Killed The Cat...! said...

Thanks for the shout out chick! Oooh it looked so fab on the front page!

Anonymous said...

hey there, hope you start to pick up again soon and that you're being well looked after.
can't believe the one thing I *most* wanted to know more about is still top secret - what are you doing with those vintage press studs?! S x

Anonymous said...

hiya, a regular reader who also has ME, sorry to hear you have this but also really pleased to come across someone who is managing to do so much positive stuff all the same. Its so hard to find something to do in those 'zombified moments' so hats off to you for finding something so industrious to fill your time!