Friday, 11 April 2008

365 / 235 - Orchids

The lovely x-stitcher suggested making orchids as part of my design-a-day challenge and after much pouring over photos, and sketching feverishly I eventually worked out how to make them:
I couldn't decide whether to make a pink one or a white one so I made both. Much more fun to make two, I reckon! They're about 7cms (2 3/4 inches) across, so quite a nice size.

As with the day before, I didn't have time to get them quite finished (no brooch backs etc yet) and the photos are rather grey... we went to IKEA today and missed the decent light in the process (oh well). I will try to get all these new designs finished, properly photographed and listed over on Etsy by the end of the weekend: so keep an eye out if you're interested. It will be lovely to freshen up my shop a little! I have rather been neglecting it with all this decorating, etc. Must try harder...


xstitcher said...

Oh, I love them! I would not have any idea how to design orchids out of felt and you totally did it! I really like the white one. Probably because I own a white orchid and I baby it :) Beautiful!

Paula said...

I've been having a look at your Flickr gallery. I love all your work. Really, well done.

Illustratornette said...

I love orchids, and also I would like to take this opportunity to say I enjoy your blog. I think your orchid prototypes are on their way, but consider revising the center section of them. It doesn't look quite like a moth orchid's center, which it looks like you were going for, and for me references the female genitalia. Orchids are usually associated with eroticism though, so maybe you were going for that? Keep up the good felting!


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