Thursday 3 April 2008

365 / 227 - A Possible Felt Shortage! Argh!

Panic! Panic! Everybody panic! :P

I had a huge number of people buy felt from me this week, so the wholesale order I was planning to put in "at some point" suddenly became rather more urgent. I thought I'd put an order in last night, would get a call from the wholesaler today to confirm stock levels etc, and then get it by courier on Friday: perfect. But for some reason the order never went through! And I didn't even realise until after business hours today so now it's gonna be Monday at the earliest for my felt. Gosh I feel dim.

I've still got 58 colours in stock (phew), but without the missing two colours I can't make up any more mini packs of squares and there are only a few left (4 or 5 maybe? I counted them this morning but I forgot already). Felt really should not be this stressful!

Day two of my design-a-day project produced a little icecream, perfect for inducing nostalgic conversations about trips to the seaside and the relative merits of a Mr Whippy or a FAB ...
... and we started painting the bathroom today, here's a bad photo of the test corner:
The light greenish-blue is the old colour, the very pale patch is a rejected tester and the Wedgwood-ish blue is the one we're busy applying (I'm taking a break to write this blog post and hope very much that I've not got paint all over the computer chair in the process!).


pungsnotded said...

Very pretty color! Hope you didn't get any on your chair, though!