Wednesday, 2 April 2008

365 / 226 - A House and some Mushrooms

A good start to my "design a day" challenge - two designs in one evening! Hurrah!
You can see my original sketches for them in this post if you're interested in such things. I also cut out lots of pretty coloured bits of felt for pink poppies and purple dahlias:
My mother is visiting at the moment to help me paint the house (she has painting skills and also owns handy things like ladders!). She approves of the mushrooms :)


Matouchka said...

yep, the mushrooms are really good!

cutedesigns said...

Love the mushrooms. :D

ClaireP said...

oh! those mushrooms look delicious! x

laurie said...

What lovely mushrooms- the browns are great, but that little cottage is so darling too! :)

JammerSage said...

Oh my cutest little cottage! I LOVE IT!


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