Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Back Next Month

Aaaargh! My broadband provider has informed me that I'm getting my connection back in MAY.
I am trying to work out some wireless piggybacking off my neighbours connections but it's quite likely that I won't be blogging again until next month :(

I'll still be sending out orders from Etsy etc, and will try to reply to messages as quickly as possible. Be sure to check back in May for a big update on what I've been up to, and for lots of new items in the shop :)


Anonymous said...

oh no! hope you get your broadband sorted soon. i love seeing what you've been making :)


Behind ouou said...

Drat! Well, best of crafty luck and I'm sure we'll have many delights to ooh and aah over in May! :)
Have a happy rest of April!

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Oh dear...what shall I read on my breaks at work??