Sunday, 13 January 2008

365 / 147 - oak leaves and featured crafter Ladyfort

Here's my workbox from last night...
... I finished the batch of large green oak leaves and made a start on some brown ones, including finally using the sketches I made in the autumn to make patterns for smaller leaves. All lovely relaxing stuff.

I was supposed to be taking pictures of my new moustache pins this weekend, ready to list them, but did I remember yesterday when it was sunny? No chance. Now today my camera is refusing to focus and the pictures I have taken are "servicable" but no more. Oh well. Here's the new design, anyway, embroidered to match my moustache disguises & with proper brooch backs instead of safety-pin fasteners:

Time for another featured crafter...
Ladyfort aka Sallyent aka Tinkering Textiles is a lady of many alias and many crafty projects, including founding the Manchester Craft Mafia and just this week starting an Etsy UK group on Flickr. She describes her work as "textiley things with an eye for detail" and her pictures are always full of delicious fabric prints, gorgeous vintage buttons and inspiring crafty magazines. Her love of detail extends to her packaging - this is one of her Etsy parcels...
... where else could you order something and have it arrive looking so beautifully presented? Just lovely. Her recent 365 entries are a great example of how through the 365 project you get a sneak peek at the development of other crafters' projects. On day 91 she showed us supplies for a new idea...
... and on day 92 we saw the idea take shape:
(I rather like the version on day 93, too, great fabric choice).

Sally's own thoughts on the 365 project? "Crafting is something I do for me - and that's why it always come bottom of the list! So being part of crafting 365 just gives me that extra push to get something done when I sit down of an evening. Seeing other people's process bit by bit helps me think about different ways of doing what I do. And I love the support we all get when we are in danger of lapsing!"


SallyF said...

oh bless you, what an incredible mention, thank you!
... and on day 95 it sold! yay, am so v chuffed people like my work. Thanks Lupin. :-)


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