Friday 11 January 2008

365 / 145 - more moustaches & another featured crafter: Paperbluebird

Last night I finally finished the batch of moustache disguises and pins I've been working on. Rather slow progress as I was doing my sewing whilst watching many episodes of Doctor Who (the most recent series, staring David Tennant), and what began as "a bit of filler in the background" soon became totally absorbing. I'm not quite an addict yet but I'm sure I will be soon...

Today I couldn't take a photo of said moustaches as the weather has been completely filthy the entire day (and now it is both dark and still filthy). I decided to hole myself up indoors where it is warm and dry and get some work done, but all of this rain and lashing wind has made me rather restless. So instead of sewing or filing or whatever, I have cleaned, tidied, ironed, and laundered. I've also started putting my "art collection" (in no way as impressive as that phrase suggests!) in frames ready to work out where to hang everything. Only cheap clip frames but it's great seeing beloved pictures finally behind glass and ready to go on the wall - though the boyfriend would disagree! (he thinks my taste in art is "mental", ah well).

One of the newly-framed pieces is a lovely Zinnia card by paperbluebird, who happens to be today's featured Crafting 365-er... Paperbluebird makes deliciously-sweet embellished bird ornaments (mentioned on this here blog many months ago), and striking modern paper goods many of which are gocco-printed from papercuts like this one:
It has been great seeing her crafting 365 photos, etsy-related and other projects like this crochet blanket, and I especially love seeing work-in-progress shots of the birds which I have admired for so long...
Her thoughts on the Crafting 365 project? "I check in on the new pics posted to the site 3 or 4 times a week - I've loved the project because it has made me realize that crafting doesn't have to take all day, and I don't have to wait until a project is finished to post pictures. I love seeing the pics of people working and creating in their homes, and I've really enjoyed the supportive nature of the group. Flickr groups in general are great, but I really like the sense of accountability in this one (even if I sometimes skip a week and pick up where I left off... I do come back!) and the way that I've gotten to know certain people's work and style. It's really inspiring - I'm so glad you asked me to be a part of it!"


Maura said...

yay! thanks for the sweet words and feature! I just saw your mobiles on the Craft blog - congratulations!