Wednesday 2 January 2008

365 / 136 - preparing to take photos

Yesterday I decided to get all the designs I've been working on finished and photo-ready for this morning, adding lots of brooch backs and stitching fronts and backs together and putting all my unlisted items together, thus:
... but then I got up this morning and it was so dark! We had the lights on for the whole day, and after taking that one photo my camera refused to focus and take any more pics (and using a flash in listing photos is worse than taking no pictures at all, frankly). More annoying than there are words for. Hopefully in the next couple of days we will have a little more light, as I plan on adding all my new designs to the shop over the next week or so.

To make room for all these exciting new things, I have set up a new section in my shop: Last Chance to Buy. This imaginatively named section is stocked with soon-expiring things which for one reason or another will not be relisted when they expire, so it's your last chance to buy them before they disappear from my shop.


Pink Flamingo Swizzle Stick said...

Trying to take listing photos in the winter is such hard work! (you're so right about the flash).

At the moment anytime the sun even vaguely comes out at the weekend I'm grabbing craft bits and camera and setting up camp by the window.