Saturday 12 January 2008

365 / 146 - Framing, Sewing and being Blogged

It's sunny! Wonderful, wonderful. Thanks to the wonders of sunshine, here is a photo of what I've been up to these past two crafty days:
Lots of moustaches finished on day 145, some of the pictures (mostly acquired on etsy) framed yesterday afternoon, and apple pins (finished) & oak leaves (embroidered) last night whilst watching yet more episodes of Doctor Who.

Ah, how satisfying it is to have finished all of that lot... I am also dead chuffed to report that I have been blogged a delightful four times this week.
1) My deer pin showed up on Cuteable
2) My mobiles are featured on the Craft zine blog today (thanks to paperbluebird for the heads up!)
3) One of my customers posted a lovely photo of one of my bird ornaments on their Christmas tree! I cannot tell you how much I smiled seeing that photo, it is so great to think of my work as part of someone's Christmas.
and 4) The lucky buyer of my 500th item - the super-talented Heidi Burton - has blogged her gift parcel in just the sweetest way.

On the little scribbley note I wrote to myself as a reminder to mention these things I have also written "heidi cards!!" in a somewhat frantically underlined fashion because I keep forgetting to mention that Heidi Burton has Valentine's Day cards in her shop and they are awesome. You should buy some, and if you do she offers to write your greeting for free and post it in time for Valentine's. My favourite card? The tea-themed one, obviously...