Wednesday 9 January 2008

365 / 143 - tidying up and getting nice post

Yesterday I was determined to tidy up the spreading mess I've created over the holidays. When I started yesterday morning my sewing, filing and packaging debris covered the coffee table (and part of the lounge floor), the kitchen table (and part of the kitchen floor), my dressing table and our breakfast bar. It's nowhere near being actually tidy yet, but it's getting there! I've tidied out a new little workbox for myself now, complete with useful box-within-a-box for the circles I'm making out of my felt offcuts and last night's sewing: moustaches and oak leaves...
As I have no dedicated workspace where I can spread my works-in-progress out and come back to them, I am forever taking things out and packing things away. I'm gradually developing a working system but it's taking a while to work out how best to do things, and where to put everything when I've finished. I shall take photos when it's all organised, I promise.

Now here's a much more interesting picture (though still taken in a terrible rush so not too exciting I'm afraid), the lovely Etsy post I got this morning!1) Fabric from ALittleGoodness - gorgeously wrapped in that blue paper and including a lovely bit of free ribbon which in my photographic haste I forgot to include. The fabric is just darling and the service that goes with it is always impeccable.
2) "Package 2 of 2" from OuOu - including lovely mini cards, a sweet little note and a set of cards as a free gift cos I was lucky enough to buy her 100th item. I doubt it will be long before she sells 100 more, her illustrations are cute as a button.
3) Not from Etsy but still good - crazy felt coaster (one of a set) bought from John Lewis as a late Christmas present by the boyfriend (what a sweetheart). I don't know that it has fully dawned on him that he now has to give these house-room, but I'm sure he'll get over it...


Behind ouou said...

Ah Lupin, not only are you an amazing artist, but you are super-sweet as well! Thank you for the inspiration in your crafty goodness! You are splendid and have made me soooo happy!
Very best to you in the new year!