Friday 4 January 2008

365 / 138 - woodland works in progress

Yesterday I didn't have much time for sewing (boo!) but I snuck some in just before I went to bed, doing a little stitching on some of my works-in-progress from my "restocking" pile:
The tree stumps got embroidered and stitched to their green background, and the large oak leaves got appliqued ready to be embroidered another time. All done to the lovely sounds of BBC7 - mostly an adaptation of "Mort" by Terry Pratchett because I am a nerd, you see.

Today I have been mucking about with my Etsy shop: editing a few listings, adding a few details into my profile, cutting my shop announcement down to a couple of lines so my "featured items" show up immediately, and making a new banner. My previous banner -
- was knocked up in Paint in a rush when I first set up shop a year ago and had been there ever since. I'm pleased with the change but the current one is a work-in-progress as it needs some colour. I've been taking pictures of some felt to use as a backdrop for the lettering, but I will need to experiment for a little bit before I settle on a colour to use.

I may start using sheets of felt as a backdrop for photographing my brooches, too, but this idea is definitely at the drawing board stage only! Many test photos to take before I decide yay or nay. Here's the first one to give you an idea of what I mean...
... better than the plain white backdrop I normally use? or would it distract from the colours in the item itself? Any thoughts?

Ooh, and I also got the first of my 1st of January Etsy-spree purchases in the post today: a super-cute "tea makes everything better" writing set from CharlieMotel. Her shop is easily in the top ten cute shops on Etsy, her illustrations are just darling. A fellow UK-Etsian, too, which is always nice...