Thursday 10 January 2008

365 / 144 - moustaches, plus! Featured Crafter: CharlotteNarunsky

Last night I did a little bit of moustache-embroidering, and then I did a little happy dance as my grey squirrel pin was on the Etsy front page! Hurrah! Thanks to Bombus for the heads up and the screenshot.
Here for your visual pleasure, some embroidered moustaches ready for being turned into disguises and pins and today's lovely Etsy post - parcel 1 of 2 from ouou, note the lovely packaging and the printed cuteness on the envelope:
In other news: I have decided to do a series featuring members of my Crafting 365 group, finding out how their 365 project is going and showing off a few of their photos. I find their work fascinating and hugely inspirational and I hope you will too!

The first featured 365 crafter is the lovely CharlotteNarunsky, who blogs here. Charlotte has a great eye for colour, mixing patterned fabrics together quite beautifully in her quilts and bags.
She also makes needle felted flower corsages, created somehow (by magic perhaps) from materials such as these:
Charlotte writes: "I have found the crafting 365 challenge to be incredibly helpful to me, largely because my obsessive nature means that I can't bring myself to miss a single day! I have been so much more prolific since I started, and have also become more creative because of it - making the same thing for 365 days would not be much fun at all! It has been inspiring to see the work that others are doing, and I feel like a little less of a freak in the crafting wasteland that is my home town!" - I am so with her on that last point! Not very much going on round here for the crafting-obsessed...


charlotte narunsky said...

yay Lupin! Thanks for the shout out!

Anonymous said...

Those felt moustaches are some kind of genius!