Thursday, 16 April 2020

Felt Weather Mobile Tutorial: Sew a Rainbow!

This fortnight I'm sharing step-by-step tutorials for sewing cute clouds, rainbows, and sunshine, then how to combine them all to make a colourful weather mobile.

Today you can learn how to make felt rainbows:


Click here for the felt sun tutorial I shared earlier this week!

The weather mobile would make a lovely gift for a new baby. Remember: as with all mobiles, this is a decoration not a toy so make sure you hang the finished project well out of reach of little fingers.

As well as using the tutorials to make the mobile, you can also make individual felt brooches or ornaments. The rainbow would also make a fab patch, or look lovely sewn onto projects like a coin purse or a needlebook.

This tutorial originally appeared on The Village Haberdashery's blog - visit their shop for lots of crafty goodness!

To make a felt rainbow, you will need:

- The rainbow templates (click here to view, print, and download the PDF)
- Felt in six rainbow colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. For even cuter rainbows, try using pink instead of red, or using pastel shades for the whole rainbow.
- White felt (for the back of the rainbow)
- Matching sewing threads
- Sewing scissors (embroidery scissors are ideal for cutting out small felt shapes)
- A sewing needle and pins

If you want to make a rainbow brooch or ornament, you'll also need a brooch clasp or a length of narrow ribbon.

To make a rainbow:

1. In this step you’ll be using seven paper templates to cut out six pieces in rainbow order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. This is a slightly different way of cutting out felt pieces than usual, so read the whole of this step before you begin cutting!

Use the largest template (A) to cut out the first colour (red). Position the next template (B) on the red shape you’ve just cut out, lining the template up in the centre of the base line and pinning it in place. Then carefully cut round the curve of the paper template, cutting away the strip of felt above it in one single piece. This curved strip of felt will be the red line of the rainbow. Repeat this process to cut out all the colours, working through the templates in decreasing size to cut out all six rainbow pieces.

When you get to the smallest templates, you may find it easier to hold them in place instead of pinning them.

2. Position the smallest (purple) rainbow shape on a piece of white felt. Make sure the bottom (straight) edges of the curved shape are level with each other and that you’ve left plenty of space to add the rest of the rainbow pieces.

With matching sewing thread and small running stitches, sew a line down the centre of the curved shape. Hold it in place with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand as you sew.

Tip: Don’t sew too close to the bottom edges as you may need to trim them slightly later.

3. Add the next line of the rainbow, sewing it with a line of running stitch in matching thread as before. Repeat this step to add all the rainbow colours one by one.

4. Cut out the rainbow from the backing felt. Carefully trim the bottom of the rainbow (if required) to create a straight edge.

5. Use the rainbow shape as a template to cut out a matching backing piece from white felt.

Want to make a double-sided rainbow? Repeat steps 1-4 then sew both rainbows together in step 6 instead of adding white felt to the back. Take care to ensure that your rainbows are the same shape so they'll fit together neatly!  

6. Join the front and back of the rainbow together, sewing the edges with whip stitch in white sewing thread.

Come back next week to learn how to sew fluffy felt clouds...

This tutorial is for non commercial use only: you can use it to stitch as many rainbows as you want for yourself or as gifts, but please don't make any for sale. You may borrow a couple of photos if you want to blog about this project, but remember to credit me and link back to this page on my blog, and do not reproduce my entire  post or share my pattern on your site. Thanks!

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Angela said...

In 1981, pregnant with my first child, I designed made a Felt Mobile. It had a rainbow, plus an ark, Mr & Mrs Noah, and 6 animals. It took ages (I had 3 months enforced bedrest, and sat in bed sewing, with threads and bits of felt all over the sheets) I love the simplicity of your design - it would make a lovely gift for a new baby. Light, and easy to post too, now people cannot go and visit.

Bugs and Fishes said...

That sounds like such a gorgeous, special project! You've totally made me want to design a Noah's Ark project now :)