Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Exploring Leeds: Kirkgate Market

Time to explore a bit more of Leeds' lovely architecture!

So far I've blogged about the Central Library (amazing), the Corn Exchange (very big, very round) and the city's gorgeous Victorian shopping arcades.

Today I'm sharing some photos of Kirkgate Market.


Kirkgate Market is one of the largest indoor markets in Europe, has had a long and colourful history and is still thriving today.

The exterior is wonderfully grand...

... and the inside doesn't disappoint!


I'd love to have this as my local market... and not just because I spotted several stalls selling yarn, fabric and haberdashery!

Just look at all those lovely details. 


If you're in Leeds on the second Saturday of the month, you can go on a free tour of the building - click here for details.

I wonder if in a hundred years time people will be going on heritage tours of our glass and marble-filled shopping centres? 


bairozan said...

These historical buildings are such a treasure! Each era has its monuments that may or may not be there for the future generations and I admire the architecture of modern civilization (gadgets included) but I am not sure it will ever surpass the gorgeousness of some past eras. Maybe when mankind conquers other planets, modern architecture will become a point of interest for tourists that have never been on planet Earth :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Yes, it's weird to think about how people (or, indeed, aliens!) in hundreds of years time will look at today's architecture. Lots of lovely Victorian buildings nearly got knocked down because they went out of fashion, but now they're seen as treasures again... funny how tastes change, isn't it? :)