Wednesday 8 October 2014

Join the 2014 Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link-Up!

Remember last year's Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link-Up?

Well, I'm organising another one! Yay!

The idea is that lots of bloggers share a festive tutorial on the same day, then we all share links to each other's tutorials. It was so much fun seeing everyone's tutorials last year, there was such a lovely mix of different projects.

Want to take part?

Step 1: Send me a message to let me know what your blog address is, and that you'd like to join the link-up fun. You can contact me HERE

Step 2: Design a tutorial! The tutorial should have a Christmas theme (no "gift ideas" please unless they have a festive twist) and should be new and your own design. It's fine to do a tutorial for something you've made or blogged about before but please don't repost an old tutorial from your archives.

Any and all crafty techniques are welcome - we had a great selection last time! As well as the usual crafty stuff like sewing and knitting and paper crafting, you're also welcome to submit baking & cake decorating projects or creative gift-wrapping ideas. Patterns (e.g. for embroidery or cross stitch) are also very welcome, as are festive printables.

Never written a tutorial before? Check out my (currently still in-progress because I am a very lazy blogger, tsk tsk!) series on how to write a craft tutorial for some tips on getting started, taking notes, taking step by step photos, and taking photos of the finished project, editing your photos and drawing any illustrations.

Step 3: Email me a photo of your finished project by Wednesday 5th November. 

Step 4: Share your crafty tutorial on your blog on Wednesday 12th November.

Step 5: I'll put together a list of everyone's projects and email you asap so you can put the links in a blog post and share the crafty love on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

If you have any questions, do let me know!

Click here to send me a message if you want to join in the fun. I'll then send you more info about image sizes, etc.

The more bloggers who join in with the link-up the merrier, so please do spread the word among your crafty friends :)

P.S. You can check out all the projects from last year's link-up here.


Stephanie @ Swoodson Says said...

I shared this in the creative blogger group I admin on Facebook ( let me know if you'd like!) -- is there a deadline to sign up?

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for sharing the post, Stephanie! :)

There's no fixed deadline to sign up, people can join in any time as long as they'll be able to meet the deadlines to email me a photo by 5th November & share their project on the 12th.