Sunday 18 May 2014

Calling Creative Bloggers & Makers: Come for a Cuppa!

Regular readers of my blog (hello, lovely people!) will know that I've been trying to meet up with more of my fellow makers and bloggers this year. It's been fantastic to finally meet some of my online friends (old and new) in person and to have a good old natter about our shared interests. The internet is magical but there's nothing quite like getting to know people properly over a nice cuppa and a bit of yummy cake.

So, after many months of thinking "what I'd really love is a regular crafty get-together somewhere in London where a whole bunch of us bloggers and designer/makers can meet up and have a cuppa and a chat" I decided that I need to stop wishing that this existed and just organise it myself! 

It's not going to be anything fancy, just a regular time each month when some of us crafty folks can meet up, buy a cuppa or a coffee and have a chat about making and blogging and other creative stuff. Maybe I'll just end up having tea on my own, who knows? (I'll be bringing a book just in case, haha) but I hope that some of you will be able to come along and say hi :)

Me, having tea

I thought it'd be nice to meet at different free museums and galleries, so we can have a cuppa or a coffee in their cafe then wander round the exhibits for a bit of inspiration.

I know weekends are good for some people and weekdays better for others, so there'll be a Crafty Cuppa happening on the second Sunday and third Thursday of each month. Come along to one, or both, whatever you fancy!

I'll be announcing exactly where we're meeting a bit nearer the time, but in the meantime here are some dates for your diary:

Sunday 8th June, 2pm. British Museum.
Thursday 19th June, 2pm. Natural History Museum.

Sunday 13th July, 2pm. Victoria & Albert Museum.
Thursday 17th July, 2pm. Museum of London.

UPDATE: Click here for more info re: the July get-togethers!

Sunday 10th August, 2pm. Tate Modern.
Thursday 21st August, 2pm. National Gallery.

If you're interested in attending keep an eye on my blog (or follow me on Facebook or Twitter) or get in touch!


Fiona (fizzi~jayne) said...

Great idea! Blogging has opened the door to a crafty community which is great, but nothing beats a chat in person (with cake)! I'll be coming along to one of them :-)

Charlotte said...


Scrapiana said...

Oh, well done! Lovely idea. Will get my diary out and see when I can join you. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! I would love to come.

Blooming Felt said...

What a fab idea !! I'll definitely try and come along to a couple. Thanks so much for organising xx

Jessica said...

Pah - I'm a little too far away up in Manchester to be able to make it along, hope it all goes fantastically and that you all have a wonderful time :-)

vicky myers said...

What a fab idea, I belong to a similar group in Norwich - Love it:)

Lilyshaw said...

Lovely idea

Cannyfinds said...

unfortunatly i lve 400 miles north so cant meet up

Anonymous said...

what a lovely idea.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks everyone! It will be ace to meet you if/when you can come along :)

Silly Little Sheep said...

Great idea, I might be able to make the on on 21st August!! :) Cant wait, I love cake!!! :D :D :D

Lily said...

Ahh, Laura, what a sweet idea :)) that giant muffin alone is something!
A possibility of something like this is comforting in itself, even though, I'm more of a slacker than a crafter, plus rather too far away.... but thank you =)
I'll be looking forward to the blogposts about such get-togethers

Bugs and Fishes said...

Silly Little Sheep - Yay! :)

Lily - Sadly that was my friend's giant muffin (apparently it was very tasty!!), I was foolishly trying to give up chocolate at the time, I think!

There will definitely be blog posts :)

Leandra said...

Would love to but I'm too far away. Think it's a great idea though and hope you have lots of fun x

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Such a great idea! Sadly I live a little too far away otherwise I would have loved to have joined you.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks ladies! Maybe you could organise something similar near you? :)