Monday, 21 March 2011

DIY Colour Charts

From this week I'll be adding a little extra item to all my felt orders: a blank colour chart so my customers can keep a record of the colours of wool blend felt they've ordered from me.

Filled with all 65 colours the chart would look something like this:

I always like to keep a record of the colours I've ordered from other suppliers, so I hope my customers will find this useful!

If you've ordered felt from me before and want your own blank chart, you can download it and print it yourself - just click on the image below to view it, then click again to view full size and print.


Tumus said...

that's really kind of you and very helpful!
I need to make a more organized one for my own personal inventory. One that looks as tidy as that. said...

Great idea, thanks so much for sharing this! I'll be spreading the word.