Saturday 18 December 2010

Lovely Post

I got a great Christmas card this week from the talented Alice Melvin:

A cut out and make angel decoration! So sweet.

You can see Alice's range of prints, books and crafty products over in her shop. I especially love her bird-themed stuff, like this mobile...

... and this poster which was one of the first things I bought this year :)

PS - Remember I'm closing up shop for the holidays tomorrow morning, so this is your last chance to place an order in 2010 (my shops will re-open on 17th January).

UPDATE: all my shops are now closed! :)


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful card! Merry Christmas!!

Tumus said...

Nice! I'll have to check her out, my sewing room could use some color with all this snow we have!

. said...

A gorgeous Card! Have a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Christmas break. These cards are terrific. I posted a similar DIY snow globe ornament card to my blog last week. I'm all for finding ways to help people recycle all those holiday cards!