Tuesday 15 June 2010

Show and Tell, part five

One of the very best things about selling craft supplies is getting to see what my customers have made with their purchases. I send out parcels of felt and other crafty bits and pieces, and they turn into all this lovely stuff! Magic.

Lynn of Tialys has been making lots of textile artworks with a French theme, using my mini embroidery hoops as frames:

Laura Belton used the felt she bought to make a zombie and an adorable plush Totoro:

Sarah of Ditsy Bird Designs put a pack of embroidery thread to good use embroidering some fun fabric brooches:

And Laura of LAMdesigns used some of my pastel felt to make a whole rainbow of cute button needlebooks:

You can read all the show and tell posts here. Want to show off what you've been making? Get in touch!

P.S. please respect the work of my customers as you do mine, and don't copy their designs :)


Tumus said...

I love the embroidery hoops! I really like these posts ^_^

Pato said...

Those needle books are killing me!!! How cute!!!
I don´t have that talent but lucky me... I won your giveaway!!!

(this is a different e-mail address of mine but I´m the same person)

Carrie said...

oh this is super - felt and embroidery are 2 of my fav pastimes (after my photography) - brilliant creations

Claire Vincent said...

I love the embroidery hoops, they are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely Idea. I'm loving your show and tell. I must send you a picture of what I've done with the embroidery hoops I've bought from your shop too!

Bugs and Fishes said...

cherryandcinnamon - it would be lovely to see what you've been making! :)