Thursday 3 December 2009

How To: Wallpaper Snowflakes

Back in October I posted a snap of something I was working on involving cutting out lots of circles...... well, the circles turned into this:A curtain of snowflakes (or oversized Christmas baubles!) made from wallpaper, silver paper and card.

This project was specially designed for the winter edition of UK Handmade - a fantastic little online magazine from the UK crafts scene. You can read the whole issue online here (my project is on page 59).

I've not had a chance to have a proper read yet but there are some lovely festive projects including delicious cupcakes, a stylish floral arrangement for Christmas and (for you felt fans) this completely adorable felt angel from Kirsty of Paperfish:


LPFish said...

are we officially fantastic... or are these temporary flashes of genius? *tongue in cheek* :)

cottonreel said...

I didn,t know there is a U,K handmade , I shall go looking for it tomorrow--cottonreel

Allison said...

this is so gorgeous!

Aarti Badamikar said...

this is lovely!!

Dana Barbieri said...

This came out great! And thanks for posting the link the ukhandmade. It looks great. Can't wait to delve in.