Tuesday 11 March 2014

Lots of Secret Sewing = Lots of Scraps

I've got quite a few projects on the go at the moment (about a dozen!) for various books & magazines. It's great to be busy but eek, there's so much to do!

Each project starts with a brief (sometimes very specific, sometimes quite open), then I do some brainstorming and sketching and submit some design proposals... then if they get approved I start making.

There's templates to design (and problems to solve to get things looking just right, and maybe changes to make if they don't work out), supplies to source and buy, pieces to cut out and, of course, lots of things to sew.

I make notes as I'm working, take step by step photos (if they're asked for) and take photos of my threads and/or leftover scraps and write slightly teasing blog posts (like this one) about "secret projects."

Then the notes get typed up, turned into a tutorial and proofread. I edit the photos and number them to match their steps. All the template pieces get drawn out neatly in pencil, carefully drawn over with ink, labelled and scanned.

Finlly, the finished project(s) get packed up safely and posted and the digital files get emailed.

And then I keep the projects a secret for months (or in the case of some books I've contributed to, years) until I can do a "yay! I just had a project published in X" post here on my blog :)

Until then, please enjoy the snaps of the colourful scraps I've created this week. As you can see, there's been lots of making going on!


Anonymous said...

Laura, I really enjoyed reading about your process. It's nice to know that designers still use pencil and paper at times.


Leanne at Knit me a cake said...

I agree, it's so interesting to read about the process you go through and just how much work is involved. I look forward to hearing more about these secret projects. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Laura, love your blog! I am also felt-obsessed, and always end up with scraps galore like in your pictures. I'm terrible as well, I keep them in a bag as "I'm sure they will come in handy"... do you ever use up your scraps, and what for?

Following your blog now- pop across to mine and say hello too please, I'm new to this!

Gayle x

Silly Little Sheep said...

I wonder, what do you do with the scraps?? I cut mine up and turn them into stuffing and use them to stuff things... I don't like throwing them away... Have you found some interesting use for them?

Unknown said...

I always love seeing your piles of felt scraps, they are so pretty! I'm curious as well, do you do anything with them?

Bugs and Fishes said...

Heidi - thanks! All my designs are done with a paper and pencil, with lots of tea drinking and some occasional cussing when things don't work out quite how I'd planned ;)

Leanne - Yup, it's fun but also a lot of work. I can't wait to share the finished designs with everyone! After years of blogging things as I'm making them it's very tough having to keep so many secrets!

Gayle, Silly Little Sheep & Rebecca - I'm afraid I just throw my scraps away! I only keep very small pieces of black and white felt as they're good for cutting out tiny eyes.

I did used to keep my scraps and use them for stuffing things like pincushions (tiny felt scraps make for a very densly-stuffed, nicely weighted pincushion) but nowadays I have so many leftover scraps I have way too many to use.