Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Trip to Bristol (ish) - Winford & Weston-Super-Mare

Remember the weekend trip to Bristol I took earlier this month? Well, after spending Saturday wandering round central Bristol I headed out of the city and spent Sunday in Somerset. 
I spent the night on my crafty chum Lisa's (very comfy!) sofa and in the morning, we went for a walk around her village...


... and went to the village shop.


Then we drove to Weston-Super-Mare to meet up with our friend Nicola for our first get-together in about three years. I'd never been to Weston before so it was great to go for a walk around town and along the beachfront, although the weather was a bit miserable!


The summer attractions were all looking a little sad and empty...

... but there were quite a few people out for a walk with their (happy and excited but very windswept) dogs.


Lisa, Nicola and I have been friends for years (after meeting via Etsy sometime in 2007, 2008?) so it was great to chat about life and Etsy and crafting and generally catch up over a cuppa or three!

Can you tell how chilly it was from the photo? :)


Solorn said...

You came to my little town:) It's a shame I didn't know earlier or I would have directed to the Blitz Tearoom, a 1940's themed tea shop that does the most excellent cakes.

Jacqui Wise said...

Sounds like a lovely (if not cold) weekend. Love the decorative ironwork on the pier and the ship weather vane.

bairozan said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm sure you had a great time together!

BugsandFishes said...

Solorn - thanks for the recommendation! I will have to check that out on my next visit :)

Jacqui - yes it was chilly but fun!

Dichohecho said...

Ahh, I'm rather behind on reading. Winford is near Chew Valley & Blagdon lakes which are both man-made reservoirs and full of ducks and similar.
Also Clevedon is between Weston and Bristol and has a very good craft shop that specialises in spinning, wool, and quilting. It's also a fairly pretty little place with a pier and some nice caf├ęs.

BugsandFishes said...

Ooh, the pier at Clevedon looks lovely! Thanks for the tip :)


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