Sunday 9 March 2014

Embroidered Mats for docrafts Creativity Magazine

I'm delighted to have had a project published in issue 44 of docrafts Creativity Magazine which is apparently the UK's best-selling craft magazine! Wow.

I made a couple of embroidered mats in pretty pastel colours, using die-cut felt shapes. They were so relaxing to stitch.

Rather awesomely, the lovely folks at docrafts have sent me an Xcut A4 Xpress Die-cutting Machine to use in some of my projects.

I'd never tried die-cutting before (it's always been just me and my trusty scissors) but it turns out to be quite exciting. Lots of shapes cut out as if by magic! I'll be blogging about my adventures with my new die-cutting machine sometime soon :)


Gill said...

Congratulations Laura!
I've never heard of this magazine!!

Flutterby said...

I have to echo Gill's comments and thrilled re the die cutting machine. Your work is so precise that I thought you used die cutter already! You truly are a nimble fingered talented artist! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that the fact you cut out pieces individually and so beautifully with scissors was your your selling point! Too many people simply 'cut and paste' and that just isn't that creative in comparison. I do hope you will continue with your own unique lovely work.

Manu said...

Ohh, your project looks so beautiful! Congrats

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, and lovely calm colours.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks guys! I'd not read the magazine before but I had seen it on the shelves of my local WHSMITH. They have some sewing projects (as you can probably guess from my project!) & other crafty how tos but mostly seem to focus on things like card-making which isn't something I do a lot of. I love how diverse the crafty scene is, always a new thing to discover :)

Ouma - What a lovely thing to say, thank you! x

Sara - Pretty much all my work will continue to be made by me drawing a template and cutting out pieces with my scissors, but I'll be using the die cutting machine for other projects for Creativity magazine and maybe a tutorial here and there on my blog as I explore the possibilities of the machine.

It's a different type of creativity, and being able to cut lots of shapes quickly = a chance to make some larger scale projects than I might when cutting everything out slowly by hand!

I'll always make it clear when I've used it so unless you see me mention the die cutter you'll know I've cut everything out by hand :)